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How Does Botox Work and How Long Does It Last?

Millions of men and women each year undergo Botox Cosmetic treatment and it seems to have a pretty high success rate. With those statistics, it’s no wonder getting the treatment done yourself is something you’ve probably been considering. Frown lines and wrinkles are something nobody wants, but is Botox Cosmetic the right choice for you? Read below to see how exactly Botox works and how long you can expect results to last. Read more


What Are the Benefits of a Facial and How Often Should You Get One?

So you’ve never had a facial before. Maybe you think they’re too expensive, maybe you heard stories from friends with bad experiences, or maybe you think they’re just plain unnecessary for your skin. While those might seem like legitimate reasons for you to never get one, you’re actually missing out on one of the most beneficial treatments your skin will ever experience. Read more